Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hooray for wonderful days!

I woke up early today, too early for having gone to bed at 4am. But it was an exciting day! I drove out to meet an old college friend that was bringing a new puppy for my brother to adopt!!This is especially exciting for me because I got to do something great for my brothers heart. He put his dog to sleep a few years ago and it devastated him. She was his best friend since he moved out on his own and the only constant in his life that was otherwise a roller coaster. I have been wanting him to adopt another dog but until now he wasn't ready. So me and the pup...who is the cutest thing I have ever seen by the way...drove out to my office to drop off some product real quick and then brought the puppy home to meet her new family! She seemed right at home there and it made me feel great to find the dog a good home and make my brother happy in the process.

Afterward I met Jason and his sweet cousin Ashley at our favorite restaurant in Tempe Marketplace, Ghengis Grill. We ate some wonderful food and got some coffee after at Coffee and Tea Leaf. THEN- somehow I convinced Jason to stop by the humane society to look at kittens. I have been wanting a new little kitty to join our family for a while but Jason is apprehensive about getting another one- we have two cats already. But after all the puppy time today my maternal clock starting ticking again for a new little kitty and we ended up going to look. While we were there I found the CUTEST little tiny ball of gray and white fur kitty!! She was the sweetest little thing and I had just about convinced him we had to take her home when a family came in the room and took her out of the cage. The ten year old girl was in tears of joy holding it and they ended up taking her home. :( I guess it was a sign that it isn't the right time for us to make our already full house more full. As bittersweet as the moment was it made me smile knowing that that sweet kitty found a home with someone even if it wan't us.

We went home after that and I showered and painted my nails a pretty purple color and now this until its time to go to work. All in all it was a pretty fantastic day. The only thing that could make today better is if somehow my boss called me and said I don't have to work tonight but they'd still like to pay me. That's some wishful thinking right there! :) I guess I should count my blessings while I'm ahead and appreciate that tomorrow is my full day off. Our plan is to go watch some football at a bar near our house and eat some of the best wings I've ever had. I love lazy Sundays watching football with my boyfriend!!

On another note- I've been spending more time praying about being more positive with my thoughts and words. I noticed today as I was getting annoyed with all the drivers out on the road that I would silently tell myself to be patient and it would calm me down. I know that I struggle with be negative but I love that I am becoming more and more aware of when I'm doing it and in turn it is helping me get out of that funk and mind frame. I'm still spending time finding out the things that I love and enjoy without wondering or worrying what others might think. I've lost myself many times in relationships and this time I'm working full time at keeping me, me. Even if its something small as buying a new nail polish color or blogging on this here site. :)

Guess this is a long one. I'd love to put pictures of the new puppy up so you can see how cute she is also but I'm still new to this so it may take me a bit to figure that one out!



Blogger Danielle said...

I love reading your entries! :)

October 3, 2009 at 9:00 PM  
Blogger Write on, Court... said...

I adore you!!! XOXOXOXO...

October 6, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

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