Thursday, December 24, 2009

AHHH Its Christmas Eve and I have a totally busy day ahead of me but I had to find a second to write how excited I am for the holidays to finally be here! Usually time passes me so quick before the holidays working and trying to shop for everyone in my insanely large family that I don't get to let the anticipation build up but this year was different. Jason definitely helped with that one, taking me to a Christmas lights show, wrapping my presents and putting them under the tree early so all I could do is stare at them. Today will be spent with his wonderful family for our first Christmas together (and our one year anniversary today also ;) and then tomorrow we will do it all over again with my family. It was really nice that it worked out that way this year so that we don't have to rush four Christmases into one day and not get to spend as much time with everyone as we might like to. Hopefully in the future we can continue this tradition of doing this way so we don't have to miss out.
I'm looking very forward to the end of 2009 and a beautiful 2010. It has been a very stress-filled end of the year with many unfortunate things happening at work right now (including some scary stuff that I won't get into but maybe a well wish or two my way??) At the beginning of one year together I see the makings of a very happy life together and that truly is exciting and new to me. I hope everyone out there gets all their hearts desires this year and brings in a safe and happy New Year!!


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