Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting used to the idea...

Well we are finally somewhat settled in our new town after a long and crazy weekend! We worked out all the small kinks that come along with moving into a new place i.e. having no hot water, locking ourselves out of the place (with a very funny story of me climbing the second story landing), having no internet or cable (I know its lame that that was upsetting but we are both pretty attached to our electronics), and just finding a place for all of our stuff in a place that's just a tad too small. All in all, things are finally put away, there are only a few boxes left to sort through and find a place for and decorations are up, that it is finally looking like a real home. It's weird though, after all the buildup of moving and being excited for a new life, once it was here I feel a little unglued about it all. I think it just might be all the newness and excitement that has surrounded us in the last few months that are catching up to me, but even still, I find myself missing the most interesting things (although absurd might be a better word). So let me ask you, have you ever moved to a new city and started over? What was that journey like for you? How did it finally start to feel like home?

Well that's all for now. J is at work for the day and I still have some puttering around to do! Hope you are all having a really great beginning to the week!!



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