Monday, October 12, 2009

Long weekend

Wow it felt like a super long weekend!! I really only have one day off in my week...Sunday so I did exactly what I wanted and needed to do all week- absolutely nothing!! It was really nice to lounge around all day with Jason, in and out of sleep, watching football and movies, and playing on the computer...and playing with our new kitten. Yes- I know I wrote that I probably wasn't going to get one after that day at the shelter but a friend of mine's aunt was fostering a kitten and looking for a home for it so we said we'd take a look. And now just a few days later he is living in our home. He is the cutest thing...about 6 months old but looks way younger than that. We spent most of today trying to get him from hiding under whatever he could crawl under or into to hide. He's actually doing really really good with our other cats (we even got him and the other boy cat to play together for a bit today) but he is still super skittish around me and Jason. Anytime we try and go near him or walk anywhere around him he freaks and runs to hide under something. Of course for me, wanting to hold him and cuddle all the time it breaks my heart but I'm hoping he'll get more used to us as time goes on.

My new little buddy

Playing dead?? lol

Work was long this week and last night I started to feel pretty under the weather in the middle of my shift. I don't really want to go into what I do for work on here- not because I'm ashamed or because its something bad....just that I know this is an open forum and if there are people of all ages on here (under 18) I'd rather not get into it. Once again it isn't bad....its promotional work in the bars around the valley but I don't want to get into exactly what it is. Regardless I work late hours at that job and work during the week as a caregiver for a family member of mine. By the weekend I'm usually pretty exhausted. It was nice though last night at one bar, the bartender noticed I wasn't feeling well and stopped what she was doing (they were pretty busy) and made me some hot tea. Doing what I do for work I deal with a lot of people who act like I owe them something or are only friendly with me because they know I give out free stuff to their bar so it was nice to go somewhere where the people we deal with are nice and caring to us. Anyway the tea was Bigalow green tea with pomegranate and it was really really good. I think I'll have to go pick some of that up for myself!

Well I'm sorry I didn't write much this weekend and hope I have more time to keep up this week. OH! I woke up today to a text that surprised me. Without giving the whole long back story too much a friend of mine from college is getting married and he had asked me for my address but I never got anything. I had moved so I wrote him on FB asking if they sent them out (and felt like a giant idiot for asking about it). He got my address and still I got nothing in the mail. So I assumed that I wasn't invited or that maybe they just wanted to keep it big deal. But this morning he text me to call him and said yes I am definitely invited and that he has no idea what happened to the invitation. LOL The wedding is this weekend which means switching around some work stuff but it will be really nice to see him and his fiance' soon-to-be wife :) It was so out of no where but a nice surprise non-the-less.

I'm off to bed. Currently our new little guy (we haven't named him yet so if you have any suggestions let me know. I'm thinking Oscar cause he always has this little grouchy look on his face) is chasing our older male around the house like a mad man. Then Stanley will stop running and turn around really sharp and face the little guy causing him to stop dead in his tracks and fall over on his side. They really crack me up. Thank God for the little things huh?? Night :)


Blogger Kathryn said...

Aw! New kitty sounds/looks so sweet. I'm sure his name will come to you based on his personality.
Work sounds l-o-n-g, you poor thing. Don't forget to take some time for you. Maybe a little mani/pedi before the friend's wedding?
You totally deserve it!
(And more ppl shud be nice to you!)

October 12, 2009 at 6:28 PM  
Blogger talk before sleep said...

I was thinking the same thing!! I do try and take time for myself often just to keep my sanity sometimes. I enjoy working hard and feel that I work best when I'm busy so my life is often hectic like it is but I know I need to take time to recharge. I'm learning as I get older how much that makes a difference in our own happiness!
Hope you have a wonderful week!!

PS We named him Dexter after one of our favorite TV shows. It fits him perfectly!!

October 14, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

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