Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day and remembering all that they have to be blessed about. I know I'm so very lucky to have all I do in my life. I am SOO sutffed!
Special prayer to those that have had to do without in their lives or are struggling. May God fill your heart with everything you could ever need :)


Monday, November 9, 2009

almost there

What a weekend!! Finally, finally I feel like I am getting out of my funk that has been looming over me the last few weeks. Unfortunately that means that now that the clouds have cleared I can actually see all the mess that I have to clean up i.e. taking care of all the responsibilities that I've been ignoring in my state of gloom. Bills I've left unpaid. Calls I've been putting off and messages that need to be returned. Its almost enough to scare me back into bed for a few more days!

One more day????

Ok fine. I'll be a grown up. I'll deal with things.

But I'm going to pout about it while I do it. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween weekend!

Happy belated Halloween everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! My weekend was a little tiring. I ended up drinking Friday night, it had been a while and I was too tired and hungover to drink on Halloween. It was my first year dressing up and Jason decided we should dress up as....ZOMBIES!! It was a lot of fun getting all the stuff together and putting on all of our makeup, but I didn't realize how much it was going to suck to take it all off. I ended up staying the DD Saturday night because I was so tired and feeling crappy, and we went to a Halloween party that one of Jason's good friends was having. By the end of the night my face was so itchy and irritated that I couldn't wait to take a shower to get it all off. Let me just say that I'm still picking off pieces of liquid latex out of my hair. LOL! Maybe next year I won't go as something quite as gruesome!

Scary Zombies!!

Other than that I spent most of today relaxing and cleaning after sleeping in SUPER late today! I finally watched the movie Twilight, after reading all the books last week. The movie was sorely disappointing but I'm interesting to see how they are going to continue it on with all that happens in the books.

Well its back to work tomorrow for the week. OH I started my 10 day challenge today! My friends website has a post about starting a 10 day challenge to do something healthy for 10 days to try and start a good routine before the holiday season (you know all those yummy snacks and sweets are coming!) I chose to walk a mile everyday for 10 days, I know that sounds so small but it is getting me into the gym every day and hopefully encouragement to work out more and more. I know myself and when I get into the routine of it I will feel so good and want to do more. Check out the website its actually really cool and such a great concept to promote all of us to eat better and exercise more. She puts great recipes and missions and workouts on there that are so helpful!
Well off to bed- got an early morning!! I'll leave you all with some pictures of my new kitten and all the crazy ways he sleeps! He's such a nut!

Stanley and Dex being lazy bums


How is that comfortable?

This is the life!